Professional roof & gutter cleaning services in Seattle, WA.

Roof flaws are one of the most serious threats that homeowners have to deal with.

Any flaw in your roof allows heat out during the winter and cool air to escape during the summer, as well as making you vulnerable to rain, wind and loose debris. In order to prevent such damage from arising in the first place, you must keep both the roof itself and its surrounding gutters clean. Crystal Panes is committed to providing reliable roof cleaning and gutter cleaning services to minimize and prevent any problems with your home's roof!

The critical importance of roof cleaning services.

Homeowners often underestimate just how crucial their roof is to their safety and finances.

A clean, strong roof provides an array of indispensable benefits, including:

  • Preventing heat from leaving your home in the winter and entering in the summer, thereby lowering your energy bills while making climate control more effective.

  • Keeping out wind, debris and rain that can injure your family or damage the structure of the building.

  • Preventing shingles from falling off your house, harming your family or impacting the local environment.

Protecting your roof from a variety of threats.

Roof damage comes in many forms, making maintenance a complex task.

If you want to keep your roof in good condition, here are a few things to look out for:

Water damage

Though a fully functioning gutter system can drain away the effects of even the heaviest rains, blocked gutters allow water to build up and slowly seep into the roof. Once inside, moisture can cause the underlying wood to expand and the nails to rust, releasing more shingles and worsening the problem. It is essential to clean your gutters regularly and take care of any other vulnerabilities that let moisture inside.


Mold spores that take root on your roof will gradually expand and tear away shingles, leaving your house exposed to the elements. This problem can quickly get out of hand, but through regular roof washing, you can eliminate spores before they have a chance to grow. Gutter cleaning also prevents mold by ensuring that any water that mold spores require to survive is effectively channeled away from your home.


Like mold, moss can grow on your roof and gradually tears up the shingles. However, moss can be avoided altogether through regular washing of your roof and gutters, and ensuring all water is properly drained away from your home.