Pressure Washing

Powerful Pressure Washing Services in Seattle, WA & the Surrounding Areas

When cleaning your home's exterior, time is of the essence. 

Pressure Washing Services in Seattle WA - Crystal Panes - sidingThe sooner you eliminate moss, dirt, mold and other sources of filth and decay, the less expensive or difficult it will be to keep all your surfaces clean. Even the most diligent homeowners cannot contain all possible threats, which is why Crystal Panes is always available to power wash your house. From our headquarters in Seattle, Washington, we provide local families the service they need to keep their homes strong, hygienic and beautiful.


Power washing is a powerful solution for a wide variety of home cleaning tasks.

Crystal Panes Window Cleaning carries out all of these tasks, with a particular focus on:

Moss Removal

Moss grows rapidly in our temperate rainforest climate and if left untreated, it can cause serious damage to roofs, decks and other critical parts of your home. Through pressure washing, we eliminate every last instance of a moss invasion, preserving the integrity of your property from a prime source of decay.

Dirt Cleaning

Dirt may seem harmless, but if allowed to build up on your deck or porch, it can grind into the wood and leave openings for more serious threats. The Crystal Panes team nips this problem in the bud by washing every dirt particle off your surfaces before it can leave a scratch.

Mold Removal

Mold is one of the most pernicious threats to your home, gradually infesting the structure and eating away at it. Our power washing removes mold spores before they have a chance to take root.

In addition to power washing services, Crystal Panes provides window and gutter cleaning services for residents in Seattle and the surrounding areas. We take a holistic approach to our services, ensuring you have all options to clean your property as effectively as possible.

Trust Our Expert Pressure Washing Cleaners with Years of Experience

Crystal Panes has been operating in Seattle since 1985, and has gotten to know the town's climate, soil and other environmental factors. This knowledge leaves us uniquely prepared to power wash and protect your home. Since we have served so many buildings in the area, we are likely to have already encountered the problem you are dealing with, meaning we can quickly identify a solution. We also know exactly how weather patterns change by season in this area, and tailor our services to those conditions.

Between our experience, our resources and the careful training of our team, Crystal Panes is confident in the quality of the power washing services we offer. We provide free estimates to all prospective clients, and if you don’t like the work we do, we will make it right through our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

For more information on our powerful, durable and long-lasting pressure cleaning services, or to request a free estimate for your property, contact us today.